AC-DC Power Supplies

The AC/DC power supplies are high performance power supplies for use in all racks or standalone applications such as datacom and telecom systems, medical equipment, and control systems. available as open frame as well.

The AC/DC power supplies meet all of the requirements of the telecommunication specifications plus N+1 current sharing, hot swap and PFC.

Input and output connections are through the backplane and the front panel optionally, according to the customer requirements.


  • Full redundancy - "Hot swap".
  • N+1 configuration.
  • Active current sharing.
  • Multiple outputs.
  • Output voltage range - 1.2v - up.
  • Output power range - Up to 120A (Each output).
  • High power density.
  • Emi/Rfi requirements.
  • CE, UL ,CSA ,VDE/TUV certifications.
  • MTBF - higher then 100K hours.
  • Full protection for: over load, over voltage, over temp, reversed polarity.
  • Wide input voltage range 36-72Vac and wider.


  • Telecommunication systems.
  • Data communication network
  • Cable TV systems
  • Wireless Local Loop Systems

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